Why You Need an SSD The Best Solid State Drives

5 May

best solid state drives 2012
Here is a Squidoo lens called the Best Solid State Drives of 2012. The site features the reasons that upgrading your current hard drive to a solid state drive on your desktop or laptop computer makes such an amazing improvement in performance.


Self Improvement Secrets Site

26 Dec

I moved my website Self Improvement Secrets to my number two server and consolidated four other niche WordPress sites into one. The site features Personal Development Insights but now also has quite a few posts on webmaster and web development tools. There is also a bunch of posts on cash flow for life and self improvement tools.

10 Great Gifts for This Holiday Season 2011

14 Feb

10 Great Gifts for This Holiday Season 2011

This is a new webiste also called lens on Squidoo in which I list 10 carefully research, useful technology related gifts to give for the Holiday Season 2009. I hope you find these helpful in making your selection. Remember you can never start shopping too early

Left Brain Right Brain Tests

23 Sep

left brain right brain
The left brain right brain psychology stuff is coming back into the news. Here is a couple of good sites to check out.

1) The Brainworks Left Brain Right Brain Hemispheric Dominance Test which is on the Mind JMedia Self Improvement website

left brain right brain lens

Left Brain Right Brain Test Squidoo Lensetermine which side of your brain left or right is dominant Most people have a distinct preference for one of these styles using their brain. Which one are you?

Bruce Eisner’s Vision Thing — George Will Sours on John McCain

23 Sep

Even Conservative Commentator George Will Now Says That John McCain is Not Ready for the Presidency
Eisner says:
George Will is the consummate conservative newspaper commentator. I remember reading the many George Will articles defending Richard Nixon until the the Watergate Scandal broke, when he made a historic switch into a critic of his former hero..

Until recently, Will supported John McCain. The current economic crisis has resulted what may come to be seen as another historic switch by this conservative bellwethe

The ThoughtStream Biofeedback System with Mind Games Can Rock Your World

16 Aug

thoughtstream biofeedback

ThoughtStream Biofeedack is a sophisticaled GSR biofeedback system that interfaces with your PC to turn the process of biofeedback self-control into a fun game.

According to biofeedback experts at Mind Modulations, ThoughtStream is the world’s first complete personal biofeedback training system. Biofeedback allows you to see, feel or hear mind/body processes that we normally aren’t consciously aware of or able to voluntarily control. It has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for stress control and other personal growth benefits. In the past, biofeedback was something only available by visiting a professional with hourly rates or by purchasing very expensive clinical models.”

The ThoughtStream is a galvonic skin response (GSR) biofeedback training system that you can use at home. The stress we experience at home and at work has a large impact on our well-being, but our normal methods of responding to stressful events are habits that can be changed after we become more aware of them. Learning to fully relax while under pressure can have a profoundly beneficial influence on all aspects of life. “

“The ThoughtStreamcan give you a new level of self-understanding when your responses are seen or heard as they happen. ThoughtStream is designed for travel: lightweight, attractive, with a unique palm-of-the-hand sensor. A handsome carrying case, headphones, manual, Mental Games software and everything else that you need to get started is included!

Two sets of levels are included with Mental Games. Level one is Psychophysiological, and level two is Sensomotoric. Level one is a group of conventional biofeedback exercises. Here you can move objects on the screen as you learn to relax you body and focus your mind. Level two consists of a number of independent modules designed to actively train your responses.

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Check out my other WordPress blogs

16 Aug

I am no working on four other Worpress Blogs.

Cashflow-for-Life reviews different methods of setting up a lifetime stream of income so you can do what you want in life.

Top-Webmaster-Tools reviews technology and services available for improving your website.

SelfImprovementSites features posts about self improvement and personal development techniques, technologies, software and ideas.

BrainTrainingGym examines the new area of brain training and mind enhancement.

10 Steps to Web Mastery

29 Dec

I just did a two part post to my blog Top Webmaster Tools outlining a 10 step process creating a fully monetized and Google registered blog using Blogger, Feedburner, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster Tools.

Of course for a fully robust blog I would choose WordPress or Movable Type over Blogger but using Blogger made it quick and connected in the demo.

I realized afterward I could add a few more bells and whistles like adding Google Analytics but what I got out there works pretty well.

It took me several weeks to complete the piece so I posted the first part on my self hosted WordPress Blog Top Webmaster Tools about a month ago. Here is the post titled 10 Steps to Becoming a Webmaster the Google Way Absolutely Free Part 1 updated a few days ago.

I created a Squidoo Lens for the 10 step tutorial. The lens title changes from day to day. Currently the title of the lens is 10 Steps to Becoming to Profitable Google Webmaster FREE

I finally managed to finish the tutorial on Christmas Eve and posted it on the WordPress Webmaster blog and added it to finish the lens.

I’m pretty happy with this little bit of insider webmaster info. I’ve seen a few of webmaster ebooks they sell on Clickbank and if I had to put a value on the information in my piece, I’d say its better than the stuff they sell for a hundred bucks!

But I have not had any feedback on it yet. I’d like to hear your opinion, also if you see any typos or missed steps to explain, point them out.

Mind Media Guide Features Top Self Improvement Web Resources

16 Aug

self help guide

Link for this Post: Mind Media Guide to Self-Improvement & Mental Development on the Web 2007

The Mind Media Guide has been around for since 1996. During that time, we have been developing a guide to the best in the area of self improvement on the web. There are currently 324 different categories in the guide, which shows you how wide the range of ideas and technologies that make up the world of self-improvement.

Currently there are over 1869 web listings to the best products and services in the personal development industry. We expet the number to exceed 2000 by the end of the 2007/ Each of the websites in the directory is personally evaluated by a real human being to make sure that it is safe to visit. We also check back periodically to make sure that the websites are still around and continue to be sites worth recommending. zo This is the undiscovered hot site of the year on the web!