10 Steps to Web Mastery

29 Dec

I just did a two part post to my blog Top Webmaster Tools outlining a 10 step process creating a fully monetized and Google registered blog using Blogger, Feedburner, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster Tools.

Of course for a fully robust blog I would choose WordPress or Movable Type over Blogger but using Blogger made it quick and connected in the demo.

I realized afterward I could add a few more bells and whistles like adding Google Analytics but what I got out there works pretty well.

It took me several weeks to complete the piece so I posted the first part on my self hosted WordPress Blog Top Webmaster Tools about a month ago. Here is the post titled 10 Steps to Becoming a Webmaster the Google Way Absolutely Free Part 1 updated a few days ago.

I created a Squidoo Lens for the 10 step tutorial. The lens title changes from day to day. Currently the title of the lens is 10 Steps to Becoming to Profitable Google Webmaster FREE

I finally managed to finish the tutorial on Christmas Eve and posted it on the WordPress Webmaster blog and added it to finish the lens.

I’m pretty happy with this little bit of insider webmaster info. I’ve seen a few of webmaster ebooks they sell on Clickbank and if I had to put a value on the information in my piece, I’d say its better than the stuff they sell for a hundred bucks!

But I have not had any feedback on it yet. I’d like to hear your opinion, also if you see any typos or missed steps to explain, point them out.


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