Left Brain Right Brain Tests

23 Sep

left brain right brain
The left brain right brain psychology stuff is coming back into the news. Here is a couple of good sites to check out.

1) The Brainworks Left Brain Right Brain Hemispheric Dominance Test which is on the Mind JMedia Self Improvement website

left brain right brain lens

Left Brain Right Brain Test Squidoo Lensetermine which side of your brain left or right is dominant Most people have a distinct preference for one of these styles using their brain. Which one are you?


One Response to “Left Brain Right Brain Tests”


  1. On Language, Cognition, & Song « The Proteus Experiment - July 28, 2012

    […] music is processed in the right brain and language in the dominant side (for men – typically left brain).  Does this mean that I am processing one of these two functions in an abnormal section of my […]

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