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Check out my other WordPress blogs

16 Aug

I am no working on four other Worpress Blogs.

Cashflow-for-Life reviews different methods of setting up a lifetime stream of income so you can do what you want in life.

Top-Webmaster-Tools reviews technology and services available for improving your website.

SelfImprovementSites features posts about self improvement and personal development techniques, technologies, software and ideas.

BrainTrainingGym examines the new area of brain training and mind enhancement.


Mind Media Guide Features Top Self Improvement Web Resources

16 Aug

self help guide

Link for this Post: Mind Media Guide to Self-Improvement & Mental Development on the Web 2007

The Mind Media Guide has been around for since 1996. During that time, we have been developing a guide to the best in the area of self improvement on the web. There are currently 324 different categories in the guide, which shows you how wide the range of ideas and technologies that make up the world of self-improvement.

Currently there are over 1869 web listings to the best products and services in the personal development industry. We expet the number to exceed 2000 by the end of the 2007/ Each of the websites in the directory is personally evaluated by a real human being to make sure that it is safe to visit. We also check back periodically to make sure that the websites are still around and continue to be sites worth recommending. zo This is the undiscovered hot site of the year on the web!